Chappy National Chaplain
Chappy Aug 27
Dear Heavenly Father,

Protect our men and women in uniform, thank you for their sacrifice and courage

We ask you to Bless them for protecting the rest of us.

God you can drain the swamp one more time for Your Glory and Honor? Give our children back the freedoms our men and women died for.

Let our votes count as one again.
May we once again have our freedoms You gave us as it says in our Constitution Father.

Please have mercy on America for not teaching our children about You oh God
We've haven’t done our best teaching them where they come from and wonder why they act like this

Forgive us for not standing sooner
Praying more, appreciating what You have given us here.

No other country can say they were given their rights by You God.

In Jesus Name and for Your Glory

Amen and Amen