Chappy National Chaplain
Chappy Aug 24
Lord, thank You for your Glory each and every day. By the fruit of Your labor, mankind can continue in it's quest to find You. There are so many lost souls who are reaching out in every possible direction but cannot get a grip on You. Let them finally grip onto You.

please let the lost find You at the exact moment they need you most. Lord after 2,000 years, the Bible is still the most read book of all time, all because of Your will and your blessings. Let those that are lost find a copy of the Bible and read it.

Lord Thank you for teaching us to discern the Word of those You have blessed versus the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Allow people to take their minds away from the fleshly things of this world. Turn off and turn away from ungodly wickedness. Thank You for giving me time to pray and giving me the strength to allow You deeper into my heart & soul.

I ask all this in Your Name, Amen and Amen